The Luxury Travel Guide For London

The key features of BA’s premium vacation club include exclusive access to the high-end clubs across London and at other international locations and loyalty point accumulation. All flights must be booked by the end of March 2017.

Flying From: London City Airport, Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport

Luxury Hotel Pick

As you’ll have realised, you can get much more for your money from the luxury hotels. In fact, a regular room at the Mandarin Oriental for 2 adults will set you back almost £750 per night and suites start at £850. So for just slightly more, you can book a more luxurious double room with unlimited beverages and an additional breakfast for 2 adults at the St. James Hotel, a hotel with a similar clientele to the Mandarin.

Travel Expert Recommended Hotel: St. James Hotel London

Airline: British Airways, British Airways (UK) Limited, British Airways (UK) Limited

P.S: The above hotels are recommendations, based on my personal experience, before booking.

5. Fly in Style for Less

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